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Natalie Cheney


Marketplace at Hilltop, Virginia Beach, VA

Natalie is the proud Owner/Operator of the Marketplace at Hilltop Chick-fil-A in Virginia Beach, Va. In her 8 years as an operator, Natalie has set a new sales and profit record for her location each year. She leads her fellow Virginia Beach operator team in sales, profit, and customer satisfaction scores. Not only is she an incredible business leader, she is an exceptional wife and mom! 

Natalie’s Chick-fil-A story began when she was looking for something new, something challenging, something worth her effort.  As someone with a college degree and who had already had great success in her current profession, she wanted a new career that would challenge her to grow beyond what she already knew how to do.  

Natalie started her journey in the heart of the business, the kitchen. During those three months Natalie demonstrated a tenacity that was able to be felt by those who worked with her. She began to master each position in the kitchen and never once complained or chose to be defeated. Not only was she relentless in her pursuit of mastering the kitchen, she also began to create change in processes and systems that she thought would move the business forward. 

Most days you would find Natalie in the dining room after her shift making notes about the day, reviewing the gameplan for the upcoming day and following up with others to make sure there were no loose ends that could hurt the business and the serving in it. She never waited to have the ideal future created for her. She did it herself. 

Not long after the three month mark, Natalie began making her way up the leadership ladder always carrying those same characteristics with her that made her successful in the kitchen. Those being: tenacity, optimism, endurance, positivity, and a relentless push to fix or create ways of doing things that would help move the business forward. 

Natalie now enjoys a thriving business and a growing family. She engages with her community and impacts lives in a unique way every single day. She is still one of the hardest working individuals I’ve ever met and she still has the same character that got her to be an Operator in the first place. 

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